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  • The new Goodwin Law Corporation website is currently under construction.

  • The new Goodwin Law Corporation website is currently under construction.

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When you are seeking an attorney, it is crucial that you contact a lawyer who is exceptionally qualified and experienced. Goodwin Law Corporation is one of the most successful and prestigious firms in Sacramento County. Attorney Jeff Goodwin has been practicing law and for our clients' rights in Sacramento Count for over 29 years.

Goodwin Law Corporation was established by experiened general practice litigation attorney with one simple goal in mind: provide outstanding legal services to our clients. Every single client should expect dependable advice, aggressive representation, and one-on-one attention by a lawyer who actually cares about the outcome of their case.

Personal Injury Practice
As an experienced personal injury lawyer, Jeff Goodwin believes in holding wrongdoers responsible for their actions and strives to help our clients recover the monetary compensation they deserve for their injuries. Jeff Goodwin is an expert attorney in personal injury law and has extensive experience in both litigating insurance defense and litigating against major corporations on behalf of hundreds of clients in mass tort claims. Because of working for "both sides", Jeff Goodwin brings a creative, unique, flexible and seasoned approach to representing our clients.

Firearm Law
As a former police officer, Army Captain, and currently an avid hunter Jeff Goodwin is one of Northern California's most acclaimed and distinguished firearm law experts. His clients range from organizations such as the National Rife Association and Safari Club International to individuals who are ex- police and military. Goodwin Law Corporation defends clients who feel their 2nd ammendment rights have been infringed. In all firearm law cases, Goodwin Law Corporation will make sure that your constitutional rights are protected.

Estate Planning
Estate administration and planning is necessary for individuals to plan in advance the distribution of their weatlh, real estate and assets for the well-being of their family and loved ones. Jeff Goodwin has structured Estate Plans for many local families in Sacramento County. These plans, which include WIlls, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney for Finances incorporate the most recent Trust and Probate Laws in order to provide our clients with the most up-to-date estate plans available. As a result, our clients are protected to the fullest extent possible under the law from unnecessary and expensive court proceedings and from needless federal and state taxes.


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